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    An enthralling collection of mysteries from two time Shamus Award finalist Jack Budis that celebrates the pulp private eye story in a trio of cities famed for their noir settings and mean streets. This masterful volume includes the author's Anthony and Shamus Award finalist tale, "Munchies," plus "Pigtown Will Shine Tonight," "Ticket to the Top," "New Guy on the Block," "Blonds, Blonds, Blonds," and eight more enthralling short stories and novelettes.

    "From Baltimore to the mean streets of New York, to the smoke-and-gin-soaked Hollywood of the 1940s, Bludis presents a lineup of some of the finest hardboiled literature around. Page after page is filled with bullets, bucks, and broads. This is the good stuff!"
-Richard Helms, Two-time Derringer Award winning author of Thunder Moon.

      "Treacherous characters, two-fisted action, and an inside knowledge of the mid- and late-Twentieth Century. Jack Bludis has a handle for dark fiction. These are stories not to miss. Check 'em out!"
--Dave White, Two Time Shamus Nominated author of The Evil That Men.

    "In a world of over-hyped, pre-packaged, filter-tip crime fiction, Jack Bludis rolls his own. Lots of copycats profess to write pulp, but Bludis shows how it's done. He's a true original, always his own man, a defiantly loose cannon in the neatly ordered world of genre expectations."
--Kevin Burton Smith, Editor,


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