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      Hollywood, 1951. P.I. Brian Kane is about to deliver a report when he realizes that the wronged wife of Hollywood star Lester Randolph is not the person who hired him. One of her husband's lovers shows up dead. Kane feels responsible and manages to explore the murder, then murders, while working on a case at hand.

      In his quest for justice, Kane explores the underbelly of Hollywood back lots and Beverly Hills mansions, running against important and unimportant actors, directors, producers and the LAPD. Along the way, he fears that his "friend", Kitty Chaney, has succumbed to the killer. In the end, his own life is at stake as well.


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The Big Switch


Jack Bludis' The Big Switch is a new, dark, and riveting mystery set in early 1950s, era of the Hollywood B-grade movies. Brian Kane is a hard-boiled private eye who must unravel the scheme behind the deaths of starlets, while toughing it out among the seamy underside of show business and the wrong side of the law. The Big Switch is a dizzyingly fast-paced read, filled with action and surprises.

--The Midwest Book review


Jack Bludis's The Big Switch is set in 1951 Hollywood, which is "every bit as ugly as the rest of the world -- the players just wear better-looking clothing." It's a place where call girls and starlets not only go to the same parties, but have the same chance of ending up murdered . . . This is an amiably talky book. . .  it's an entertaining and sexy take on the classic PI story.

--Lev Raphael, The Detroit Free Press


Writing with a deceptively simple--almost conversational--style, Jack Bludis weaves a tale of treachery and deception in 1950s Hollywood. Clues are hidden in plain sight and the protagonist--Brian Kane--is the thoroughly likeable Private Eye who ultimately cracks the case.

--Michael Bracken, Editor, "Hardbroiled"


Fun, sexy mystery set in the Hollywood noir of 1951 . . . It was fun going back to the time before cell phones and all the high tech gizmos of today's PI's. The writing was clean and crisp and well suited to the time frame and story. This is good hardboiled crime fiction. And check out the sequel, The Deal Killer.

--The BookBitch


The first Kane Hollywood noir is an exciting tale that fans of 1950 hard-boiled mysteries will appreciate. Brian is a fabulous throwback to tales like The Big Sleep and his relationship with appointment queen Kitty Chaney is unique and fascinating . . . Strongly recommend this novel and the sequel The Deal Killer that was so much fun it actually led this reviewer to this book. 

--Harriet Klausner--#1 Amazon reviewer


The Big Switch is set in 1951 and brings the reader into the era. Bludis finally reveals why Phillip Marlowe didn’t take divorce work. It can be murder. If you like period pieces and hardboiled mystery fiction with a punch, you’ll enjoy Jack Bludis’s “The Big Switch” and like me will be looking forward to his next tale of the tarnish hidden beneath all of the glamour and glitz.                                         

- --Anthony Dauer, Editor



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