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I was a part time writer for twenty-years before 1998. From 1998 to 2004 I was writing full time.  After the birth of my first grandson, I became his full-time, day-care provider. To do that job right, leaves little time for writing but we are seeing some of the results particularly with his advanced reading and math skills. The mothers here and perhaps a few of the fathers may understand the effort it takes to get that particular job done right. It leaves a bit of stress at the end of the day, and I was not able to give my writing the same concentration of the prior six years.

I did write in easier genres using any of perhaps 20 by-lines. No offense to other genres, but I believe the writing of mysteries requires a higher degree of concentration than other genres and even more effort in self-editing.

Another thing that happened was that I tried to build my own website. It was a big mistake. A good website requires a professional maven, and I returned to Elizabeth who served me so well before I tried it on my own.

Since I am no longer working my day-care gig, I have had more time for my mysteries which include publication of The Last Sellout, which will wrap up the trilogy I began with The Big Switch and The Deal Killer.  Sellout will soon be a trade paperback. I have also published a 23,000 word novella, Dirty Work  and a volume of short stories, that include my Shamus and Anthony nominated "Munchies" and many other previously published mysteries. My new publisher has also reissued my Shamus nominated novel, Shadow of the Dahlia in both e-book and trade paper formats.

I am concentrating on mysteries, but I kid no one. I am more craftsman than an artist, I don't write literary fiction. I put one word after another. I rearrange the words for sense, cadence, plot effect, stealth and meaning. I have always done that, but usually with novels in the 50,000 to 60,000 word range.

I have stories and novels in the pipeline that I hope to see published soon. I am again becoming a regular contributor to DorothyL, WickedCompany, and 4_MysteryAddicts. The last two are Yahoo lists.

Many have seen and others can still see my "Confessions of a Hack" at: no charge.

Some Thoughts About Writing

Many people asked that I put some of my ideas about writing in a non-fiction work, but there are by now hundreds of writers who either do the same thing on their website or have written books about it. I have even "sold" such a book to a defunct publisher, and I may put that up for public scrutiny when I have time. Most of those writers know at least something about writing, but few are totally off-base. Among those How-to people that I agree with virtually 100% are Stephen King, G. Miki Hayden, Hallie Ephron, John Gardiner, RV Cassill, and Jack Woodford. The last two, are definitely out of print.

Under "Bio & Assorted Stuff" you can see my Writing Tips, which include what I as well as many others believe to be, "The Basic Plot."